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    We Guarantee you will love working with Florida VS Property Management.

    90 DAYS
    Satisfaction Guaranteed*

    If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will offer you the opportunity to cancel, without penalty, this is our administration agreement.

    6 MONTHS
    Insured Occupation

    If the tenant withdraws or must vacate your home within six months of occupancy, we will find a quality replacement and cover the lease commission, in case it exceeds the security deposit.

    for New Owners

    Invest and buy your property with us, and we will find you a tenant for your new acquisition (applies to properties valued at $ 200,000 or more).


    Pay us only after you get results. You don’t pay us a dime until your property is rented.

    (*) Note: Subject to the conditions below, an Owner who has signed an Administration Agreement , may terminate such Agreement at any time within 90 days of the Execution Date and avoid the Termination Fee by providing written notice of termination to Florida VS Property Management within that 90-day period. Owners understand that ONLY the cancellation fee will be waived, any other expense incur by the BROKER to market the unit will be charge to the owner. Payment of those charges MUST be in form of cashier check or Money Order ONLY.

    Why use a Professional

    Property Management Company?

    Owning an investment away from your country of residence – what we call “absent owner” – often raises concerns. Caring for and maintaining control of a property in an unknown market is a big challenge, and even more so if you do not know the laws that protect the tenant and owner.

    For this reason, foreign investors must have someone who not only adequately cares for their investment, but also is able to advise them and provide them with the necessary professional support.

    Maximize the performance

    of your Investment

    Through our work team and our trusted partners, we ensure that absolutely all aspects of your investment are taken into account, including maintenance, profitability, monthly and annual reports.

    We know and respect the rules and tax laws that impact the real estate area, taking special consideration of the fiscal aspect and insurance, since Florida VS Property Management works in strict compliance with the laws of the state of Florida. We select and evaluate each tenant before renting their property.

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    Why are we

    your best option?

    • We offer maintenance services.
    • We have a license for the sale and administration of properties in the state of Florida.
    • We have deep knowledge of the market with which we work.
    • We take care of the negotiation of the rent with the tenants.
    • We are part of a team specialized in Real Estate.
    • We carry out Social Network Marketing and over 50 websites promoting income.
    • We manage relationships with the tenant.
    • We have a Legal Counselor within our team.
    • We minimize vacancies.
    • We facilitate the procedures with our web portal for the owner.

    A Guide to managing your property in Florida

    Learn how to be a successful owner, keeping your property in the best conditions and maximizing the return on your investment, effectively and easily.

    “Amazing People”

    VS International has managed my property for 2 years and it has been a great experience. Working with responsible people gives me a great peace of mind. Stay that way.

    Pedro Quevedo

    “A great team”

    I have had the opportunity to receive the attention of a great team with wonderful people. They are dedicated to taking care of all the details of the rental of my property. Very thankful.

    Jackson Mcleod

    “My experience with VS was perfect”

    They provided an excellent service renting out my house to earn extra money. Thank you so much for everything.

    Beatriz Oquendo

    We manage properties. We maximize your benefits.