We put at your disposal this tenant portal to facilitate your maintenance requests and achieve to be more efficient attending your needs. Please, enter your tenant portal and follow the instructions. If you still do not have an access password, please start below

Occasionally you may encounter maintenance problems within your property. If you are presented with one, please inform our team as soon as possible. All requests for work orders MUST be submitted through our online platform in ONE UNIQUE request to ensure there are no delays in processing.

It is important that your request be as detailed as possible so that we can diagnose the problem, before going to the property and bring the parts and tools that we will require in our visit. In addition, it is essential to always indicate updated contact information so that we can coordinate with you the most appropriate time to repair it.

We will not always have the possibility to solve your problem in 24 hours, but we will do everything possible to remedy it as soon as possible. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, your request may or may not be answered the same day you send it to us. However, we maintain our best efforts to provide a fast and efficient service, in order to ensure the comfort of your home.

It is considered an emergency request for the following situations:  Water leaks / damage to air conditioning to more than 80 degrees, bursts of pipes, blackout of appliances such as a refrigerator. Any request other than an emergency will be answered during regular business hours. Let us answer this type of request in a period of 12 to 18 hours as maximum time.