Local and international investors are looking for real estate deals across the country, as they take advantage of the growing real estate market in Florida to buy, sell and rent residential, investment or commercial properties. Florida VS Property Management makes the administration process easier by offering a full range of services adapted to investors

We are committed to adding more value to your residential property. We help you select the most suitable tenants that can maintain long-term contracts. Our company also provides administrative services, maintenance of the rental unit, marketing services for vacancies and rent collection.

In addition, we provide updated financial information to date so that our clients can make the best decisions and achieve the desired objectives with their real estate investment.

Forget the cumbersome paperwork and stress of managing your property in the Miami or Orlando areas. Especially if you are an international investor, feel confident and calm with the management services we offer at Florida VS Property Management, and forget about traveling to take care of administration, maintenance or tenant management processes.

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