Our goal is to offer you the best service and manage your properties efficiently and effectively. Our team has a complete and modern software for Property Management and Administration. We are pleased to share the services we can provide now and the benefits you will get from them:


  • More efficient marketing of your property to fill vacancies in the shortest time possible. AppFolio allows us to quickly and online advertise vacant properties, posting on our website and in hundreds of other listings. Applicants can apply from their smartphones.
  • Rental prices adapted to the market that will reduce vacancies. The AppFolio tool allows you to make comparisons, providing real rental rates for units similar to yours and in the same geographical location. This information allows us to maximize your income and fill vacancies more quickly.
  • Ease to determine the best tenants. Tests for optimized and integrated tenants include checking credit history and record along with the history of previous rental payments. The process can be done in minutes, which allows us to quickly locate the tenants of the highest quality.
  • Faster and safer payments. The new functionality gives our team the ability to deposit funds directly into your bank account and forget about waiting for a check by mail.
  • Faster rental collection with online payment options. Modern tenants expect easy and online payment options. AppFolio provides three ways to pay electronically (cash, electronic check or credit card).
  • Easy access to your account statements. Your account statements are stored securely in the Administrative Portal, saving time and paper. This system allows you to quickly obtain the details of your property during the last month. We can also include maintenance invoices and additional reports that you request.
  • Efficient management of property maintenance requirements. We use AppFolio for electronic repair requests or to communicate with suppliers, which allows us to solve problems more quickly. If you wish we can send you by email a copy of the work order and the relevant and updated information on how the maintenance process goes.