Do you need to find a new house or apartment to rent in Orlando or Miami, Florida?

Florida VS Property Management, we can help you find the perfect rental property for your needs, while we provide management or administration services. We offer a range of single-family properties with a variety of features and amenities. Our vacant properties are available for immediate visits. Just coordinate the visit directly on our website, it’s that simple!

Once you select the right property for you or your family, we will help you prepare your new home for your move as quickly as possible and without any headaches. With just one call to our team you will receive the best property management services tailored to your needs. We provide accompaniment from the signing of the lease, for the payment of rent and we provide adequate maintenance to ensure that your property is always in the best conditions.

Additionally, if any of the properties are found in communities with an association of owners, Florida VS Property Management will help you find all the information about the regulations and the necessary requirements so that you can become a new tenant of that community.

Having the services of Florida VS Property Management guarantees you find the perfect property for you and that you will enjoy for years.